Magickal Scepter

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Magickal Scepter
Post # 1
Does anybody know of a spell that I can cast to create a scepter that I could learn how to use my energy with? I can feel it coursing through my veins even as I type this inquiry, but I've no means to learn how to use it.
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Re: Magickal Scepter
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Do you want to magickaly create a scepter, or just learn how to put energy through one that already exists?

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Re: Magickal Scepter
Post # 3
I intend to put energy into one that exists.
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Re: Magickal Scepter
Post # 4

I think you mean a staff.

No, you can't use a spell to create a staff. Make you're own. Go into a wooded area, find a large branch, fix it up a little, customize it, boom. You got yourself a staff.

One way that you could connect your staff and make it yours is to use your own blood. I exercise major caution when doing this. Always use sterilized equipment and never draw more blood than what's needed.

On a way you could use your staff, you could use it in many different ways. For cursings, blessings, protection. In Scandinavian practices, we do what is called a nidstang. It's a type of curse you can preform.

Here's more information on the nidstang:

A staff can also be used to direct energy, much like a wand. Direct energry for, as said, blessing, protection, curses, ect.

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Re: Magickal Scepter
Post # 5

I have different opinions on the way to make a magickal wand your own... they are also called wands as well.

I've seen a dozen videos on it, and also browsed already made ones on Etsy for ideas!

But what they generally say, and this is not any more or less valid than anything else; as anything else is not more or less valid than what I am about to say ( It is entirely up to how you would like to do it! )

1. You can purchase one and try to make it your own with consecration, blessing from divine, cleansing, adding onto design, spending time with it, etc

2. Or a more natural way and a way to flex your artistic skills and also bond with nature and also manipulate your energies to imbue the chosen material:

go into the woods and you can research different magickal types of woods with different types of properties or any wood is fine.

A tree is a living thing, respect its life, if you think you should pick a fresh branch, some say to ask the tree and if it feels right then go ahead, or to leave an offering ( like fertilizer, water, etc to help the tree )

Or pick one up from the ground and take it home.

3. The hard work and preparation begins, and this is optional. You can do what ever you feel you should be doing with the chosen wood piece. But this is what I have done personally:

I began to scrape off the harder bark with my knife as well as smoothen out areas and cut off some others that were not necessary to my use as a wand. I also inspected and spent copious amounts of time with it, feeling its entire length, knowing every curve, and then cleaning out the branch since it was a fallen one and since it also had some termite tracks inside of it. Then I sanded it down as much as I could without ruining the authenticity of its natural texture.

I gave it a ritual bath, yet to cleanse it. I scrubbed its wood and let it soak, to rebirth life back into its form; to repurpose this fallen branch. To also scrape away any missed areas that I hadn't sanded down, and the scrub I had used left the wood smelling nice and fragrant.

I then used some sealer polish--be it wood varnish or some top coat nail laquer, what ever can seal up holes or weak spots or crevices that can become dirty will slip off the slick surface, or give some areas a nice sheen and shine, or to seal your wand/staff if you are using it a lot outdoors or wish to give it a nice varnish to bring out its raw colors.

I let it dry, and It's still awaiting decoration, I'm taking my time on it. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want, what ever you feel you should do with it. You can also just wittle it down and leave the end as a handle and call it good.

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Re: Magickal Scepter
Post # 6
This may just be the one you are looking for. This is a copper scepter for DNA activation. This site actually has a lot of sacred geometrical tools for empowering and expanding your light body.
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Re: Magickal Scepter
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I just made my new wand this past week,I finished it an hour ago
I found it without looking,i looked down one day while walking my bog and saw a branch that when I picked it up and examined it fit perfectly from my elbow to end of my middle finger
I saved it in my draw until this week when I had the time then
Yesterday I shaved down the excess bark and harder points With my knife,then I shaped the handle and tip,last night I put two coats of black spray paint,finished with two mot this afternoon,the paint is a very deep and shine gloss black
Then for the handle to be comfortable
I took an old bandanna with Halloween pumpkins on it,wrapped it around the base I carved for the handle,tired it nice and tight then finished it off with a few of my gfs black hairbands to make it super secure so it never falls off,all that's left is I want to Dip the tip into a gold or silver gloss paint sometime. .
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Re: Magickal Scepter
Post # 8
You can use aney thing as a want the point of a wand is to give you a point to focas on you can even use a rock or a crayon or some one else their good for pratace thow i used to use one but now i learned focad on my hands and diffrent parts of the body are far more effactive when you focas on a object thow its a good way to learn how to send enagrey to something else but it helps if some way you ashoate that with a specil felling to you the trick to learn thow is relesing it with out a object as a focal point but every thing can be a focal point you just find a way to fell as if your part if it from a distence
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