vampire spells not workin

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> vampire spells not workin
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vampire spells not workin
Post # 1
this site is a big bluff.did all the things that were told in this website, but nothing is working.people are just creating spells from there mind. somebody should not play with someone's belief.

Re: vampire spells not workin
Post # 2
Here are a few things for you to consider:

This site is open to anyone who claims to be over 13 years old. There is no way to restrict access to it by those who don't have a clue about magic.

At the bottom of this site are the words "For Entertainment Only"

Some of the covens are set up to automatically allow anyone who applies to be made council in that coven, allowing them to post whatever spells they feel like it.

A true understanding of magic would have pointed out that those spells were fake just upon reading them. There are things that magic cannot do. Becoming a Vampire is one.

Re: vampire spells not workin
Post # 3
I was wondering is there a way I can help the people who move in the house next to me is for rent and the lady that is renting the house is takeing adventive of her tenants she knows the house is poorly heated in the winter and dose not tell the people who rent from her, and I cant do anything about it with out getting sued for it, I cant even tell her future tenants that this will be there fate that they will freeze in the winter like crazy, help is there a spell I can do on this lady to make her do right as a land lord ?
that she fixes the house that she rents to these people?

Re: vampire spells not workin
By: / Novice
Post # 4
ladyloki, your question should be in a new thread, not one about vampire spells.
Now Deban, Vampires are not real. That is why your spell did not work. Magick will not change you into a fantasy creature. Learning about what magick can do, instead of putting down the entire site, will help you greatly. But this is not fiction. As Kat said, people can put spells on here that are fake, which a lot on here are. No one is playing with belief. Not getting the knowledge first of how to use magick seems to be your problem.

Re: vampire spells not workin
By: / Novice
Post # 5
If you are saying all this because a vampire spell didn't work then you clearly don't know enough about witchcraft to be saying it doesn't work. Magick will never be able to turn you into a mythical creature, animal or give you supernatural abilities or appendages (wings).

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