Spells work?

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Spells work?
Post # 1
Hi, question. does magick really work? does it only work for some people and not others? I feel like it doesn't for me and i don't know why or if i am doing it wrong
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Re: Spells work?
Post # 2
I had the same question too, but after heaps of practise and belief, yes, it will work, but eventually. Not all spells on this site are real though, which sucks but you would expect that anyway. I suggest (if you're not already doing so) meditate about 15 mins a day, or any amount of time really, doesn't make a difference, it gets you really focused and really helps, after about a month of me doing this, a lot more spells started working for me (I'm more into weather spells which I caused a rainstorm which is either a big coincidence or it was me, did this more then once too). So eventually it will work, sadly you cannot tell if one spell is real or not, you just gotta test them out and see the results!
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Re: Spells work?
Post # 3
Yes, magic works. And anyone can use it.

YOu say you feel it doesn't work, so I have some questions.

What is it you are trying to accomplish. Things like controlling fire, physical shape-shifting, and flying are not possible to do with magic. If you are attempting these, that is why. Magic does not and cannot break the laws of reality. If anything, it works along side them or bends them subtly.

Secondly, do you have will, intent, and action?

Will is making it happen with your ability to do magic, literally willing the desired effect to happen and altering the universe. It's knowing and using your psychic or spiritual power to do so.

Intent is knowing what your desired outcome is. What you want to do is important, and as I stated previously, there are simply things that magic does not do.

Action is taking action to better the chance of a spell working. For example, if you do a spell to land a job, but refuse to do anything that might land you a job, like applying, your spell will not work.
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Re: Spells work?
Post # 4
Hey guys, thanks for the help! Yes i am not attempting shape-shifting or anything like that. I attempted to find a lost item once and a spell to lose weight but that was it and neither of them worked =(
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