Chakra Meditation

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Chakra Meditation
Post # 1
I did my very first Chakra meditation today. and i didn't think i would feel this great after. I lost myself but at the same could still feel grounded. it was amazing.
Is it normal to feel tingling in your feet when your rooting yourself and connecting with mother earth?
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Re: Chakra Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hi Lonewolf1994, I just received my book on chakra meditation and I am most anxious to experience what it is that you felt. I would like to know if your had the meditation recorded when you did it?
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Re: Chakra Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Merry Meet,

People experience balancing chakras in different ways. When you root yourself, people have felt as if their feet were "rooted" to the ground, a heaviness or a tingling has been claimed by some to happen. I don't feel anything in my feet unless I am standing but I always have a secure feeling, if that makes sense, when I ground or work on my root chakra.

Each chakra has a different energy and association, so with each one you will most likely have different effects. When I first tried balancing my throat chakra for example, I had a strong desire to sing. Going back to the root chakra, I sometimes get a strong urge to walk barefoot in the grass whenever my root chakra is unbalanced.

As you work with your chakras more in depth, you'll learn various tricks and will sense when things are slightly off. Also, keep in mind meditation is not the only way one can balance their chakras; Smells, colours, sounds and various activities can help balance them. Don't limit yourself to simply meditating, experiment and find what works best for you.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Chakra Meditation
Post # 4
well now there comes your "Experience to choose best way" part, See there are hundreds of ways to balance chakras, some strict, some needs dedication and focus, some easy, some modern etc. a few to mention are:
*Singing bowls
*Visualization meditation
*Colour therapy
*chakra meditation with mudras and beej mantras
*Yoga etc.

Not all will give same experience, neither instant nor less benificial, it all will depend on you what way may fit you, if that meditation did'nt felt good, choose any other way, explore your options and choose best for you!

yes, when you meditate, Root chakara connects to Earth automatically, but with some meditation, efficiency and intensity may differ.. tingilling sensation is common way people sense and feel energy! Good sign ..
Blessed Be!
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Re: Chakra Meditation
Post # 5
That is fantastic that you took the initiative to do this! Yes, it perfectly normal to feel that sensation.....however....when going into a meditative state it allows your physical self & non physical self to detach (not a bad thing at all) but i would suggest using something you can easily find from the earth, dirt, stones etc (don't break any trees or pick flowers though)& put this so it is touching the bottom of your feet. This allows you to stay grounded, which is super important.

How did you feel after? & did you use a pendent to guide you as to which chakra in particular needs cleansing?
Congrats of your first part of this adventure :)
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Re: Chakra Meditation
Post # 6
I didnt vave it recored unfortunately
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Re: Chakra Meditation
Post # 7
The best way for me is imagining, i'm lucky to be blessed with a very active mind. so imaging comes as natural as breathing to me. But i will be trying some of the others as well just to see if there is another way i can then change it up and keep things spinning.

When i was doing it i felt the energy flow through me, i felt it as tingling.
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Re: Chakra Meditation
Post # 8
Yes i think i felt my non physical at the back of my head,, it felt like it was pushing to get out.
I didn't use anything when i was doing it. i am very new at this and i don't have many of the iteams that will help, but i am planning on getting them this month.
I felt fantastic for the first time in my life, i was happy in myself for the first time.
The funny thing was i did it for 25 minutes but while i was doing it, it felt like only minutes passed.
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