Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation
Post # 1
Ok so, I had this unpleasant dream last night that I'm trying to interpret. I used the dream dictionary on here but it wasn't much help. I'd like someone who knows a lot about dream interpretation to help me with this. Here's what happened in it: My best friend and I had to drive this guy?s car to a parking garage, but I don't know why. We got there and there were some requirements for parking it there (don't know what) that we didn?t wanna fulfill. Later on, they mysteriously allowed us to do it. My best friend later told me it was because she bribed one of the workers there by having sex with him. I was shocked, angry, disappointed, and devastated. I later confronted her and asked her how she could be stupid enough to do this. She didn't know and didn't care. She honestly saw nothing wrong with what she did and honestly didn't understand my anger. I repeatedly thought "Please tell me she was kidding." She said she wasn't in response, as if she could read my thoughts. Then I woke up, and it was a HUGE relief to realize that it was a dream. In real life, I know shed never do that which is why it upset me so much in the dream.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 2
The most likely explanation is that, subconsciously you don't take her seriously or don't think she takes life seriously and desires a deep emotion connection but acts the exact opposite way about it.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 3
Hm, I think you're right about that. She's the kind of person who doesn't show too much emotion and because of that, I often get the impression that she doesn't care about. She also doesn't take many things seriously.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 4
And also, I have been wanting a deeper motional connection with her beyond just our inside jokes and stuff, but I don't know to get that. Also, one thing about her is that it seems like there's not much underneath our friendship or her personality besides low self-esteem. I've brought up her lack of emotion before, but her was response was just saying she wishes she was more emotional. Also, I did once message her on Skype when I was REALLY upset, and she was getting her hair done at the time and didn't care @ all. She just acted really rude and pushed me away. I later confronted her about it and told her that it damaged my trust in her. She showed quite a bit of remorse and apologized and promised she'd never do it again. I also told her that it's going to take some time to trust her again and she understood. However, I found myself mentally questioning how genuine she was when she said all of that. She hasn't done it again, so that's good but still. I guess I've lost faith in her and have started to not take her seriously due to what she did and what seems like shallowness inside of her other than low self-esteem. I haven't brought this up with her and I don't plan to because I KNOW she'll just bring back around on herself like always. She ahs become harder to talk to about our friendship issues.
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