I Almost Astral Projected

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I Almost Astral Projected
Post # 1
I think I almost astral projected last night but I'm not completely sure. I was having a lucid dream when I suddenly couldn't move. I found myself laying on my bed in my room, except it was kind of blurry. Then, I felt like I was starting to leave my body. I was going along with it because I always wanted to astral project. I got freaked out though because someone or something started talking with this weird voice that vibrated. I was so scared I tried to stop. It took all my strength to return. It was like either my soul or that thing that talked wanted me to project.

I woke up as soon as I returned and the voice was gone. Was it just a really weird nightmare or did I almost leave my body?
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Re: I Almost Astral Projected
Post # 2
That was definitely some AP! You cannot be afraid or have doubts when you do this, it's like taking a bad acid trip. Have good intentions and good vibes when you do so, and just explore and have some neutral curiosity about the places you can travel to. What yyou experienced with not being able to move is called Sleep Paralysis, it's something your brain and body sets into motion so that you dont roll around and move around ( and possibly in hazardous ways ) while asleep( and its also why if you're falling asleep in school with an elbow supporting you, your elbow will collapse under you hehe ) And AP is really leaving your physical body and exploring other realms not tangible from your earthly place. And the voice may have been something wanting you to discover AP? Did it exactly feel malevolent or something that wanted torture or anything of the like? And if not, It may have been something akin to a spirit guide that was trying to show you a way or let you have fun while projecting.
Have fun Astral Projecting!
Blessed be
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Re: I Almost Astral Projected
Post # 3
Thanks for responding. I thought that was what it was. I haven't gotten that far since. I've always wanted to AP but it's scared me because there is so much mixed information. Some people say that it's perfectly safe others say that it's one of the most dangerous things to do. Then there's also the people who say that it safe with practice.

The voice didn't help my fears at all. I couldn't make out what it was saying but going based on the sound of it's voice alone I would say it was not a friendly spirit.
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