Hopes and dreams

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Hopes and dreams

Hopes and dreams
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
There has been a thread going for awhile on the Forums asking if fluffy witches are bad.
I tried to answer the question by saying that fluffies are not bad,they just haven't learnt yet.
But I started to think about what it is to be young.Thinking back to my childhood. Did I, then, believe in fairies? Ghosts? Mermaids? Yes, I did! I really believed that Peter Pan could fly.
I watched that Play in a live theatre,not on film. I was five years old, sitting with my mother, among about a thousand children. When the fairy, Tinkerbell, was dying. Peter tells that the only way to revive her was if children believed in fairies; and he says "If you believe in fairies, clap your hands."
And two thousand hands came together in the most thunderous applause you could ever hear. And Tinkerbell came back to life.And it was magic!
To a child, all is magic! But it is much more than magic. It is all the dreams and hopes of living. In every child's heart there is a butterfly.
Children on this site are (supposedly!) thirteen years old. Do we really think that a child of thirteen no longer has any dreams, and hopes,and beliefs?
When I was a child, in the 1930s, entertainment was much more limited than it is in 2015. We had Radio, the Cinema, and "live" theatre.And we had books and "comics". Live theatre was expensive; Cinema was cheap; and the children of my day saw an awful lot of movies!
And we believed what we saw! It was the reason why children were not allowed to see movies that were meant for adults.The "horror" movies that children can now watch on television, were banned to children under sixteen!
But all movies were an adventure; and all believable! I believed that Roy Rogers was a real cowboy; and that Erroll Flynn really was Robin Hood! Could Superman fly? Of course he could!
But, I am old man now, and sometimes impatient of children asking if they can become a mermaid. In future I will try to be a little more gentle. When we tell a child that she cannot become a mermaid, the child may very well accept that fact. But when we say that mermaids do not exist at all, we may very well be shattering a little girl's dreams!
So, are fluffies bad? Well,they are mostly children who will someday learn the truth. Only children; with hopes and dreams.
And, until they grow up, Peter Pan really CAN fly!
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