Stagnation advice?

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Stagnation advice?
Post # 1
Hi everybody,

Ive registered here to keep in touch with people like me, since i dont know anyone in person in my area...
The matter is, I need an advice from someone skilled. Ive practiced eclectic witchcraft with satisfying results for few years, but a important life change followed (I got to good but hard uni and suddenly i had no time for meditation, spellwriting etc.)
The problem is, I have enough time now but I cant "get back into it" again. And i feel guilty about myself, because I keep trying without results...
I just cant make myself do it again, as soon as I try i think about different things and cant get over it :(
Anybody encoutered something similar? What have you done? Did it help? Thanks everybody in advance for suggestions :)
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Re: Stagnation advice?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I went through a similar phase in my life about 6 years ago. I lost almost everything I had due to a divorce from a marriage that should never happened. (I got married the first time way too young) I went backpacking for a while, half to find myself, the other half because I had nothing to my name and decided to hit the road to avoid thinking about it.
Part of what I lost was all of my personal works and journals I had been working on for the better part of 5 years, and having to start from scratch again was too daunting for me to think about. I still could access my family's library of books, but it didn't seem enough. It was when I met the woman who I am married to now that I decided to really motivate myself to pick up my pen and start my studies again. She is also a practitioner like myself, but she has very little experience. I was contemplating teaching her, but I felt embarrassed to do so because I had lost all of what I would have used to teach her. Instead of just relying on my family's books to show her magic, I decided I would start from scratch again and teach her as I myself started building back what I had lost.
So far, it has been a blessing for me. There is so much that I had completely forgotten that I am re-learning and remembering now that I don't think I would have ever gotten this type of motivation if it weren't for her.
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