Yes/ No Easy Card Reading

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Yes/ No Easy Card Reading
Post # 1

Hello thier my name is Jack and I am here to share with you an easy card reading tip that you can do with a ordianry deck of standard playing cards. This technique was made by me and has been giving me some excellant outcomes from the questions I have asked.

Now lets begin...

Like I said all you need is just a plain and simple deck of cards, which you can buy at your nearest dollar store. It will help if you cleanse the deck first and then charge it with your energy. This will allow the deck to run more proficiently in my opinion and also can give a bigger link towards you and your cards.

The layout of cards determines a yes or no answer only, so please dont ask serious questions with this reading.

Lets first see how the reading takes place:

  1. Shuffle your deck of cards, while thinking of your question you have in mind. Then when you feel ready place the card face down.
  2. Now cut the cards into two decks
  3. You should now draw a card from the right side then to the left.
  4. Keep drawing till you get either an ace of spades or hearts, then you are done

What ever card appears first will show your answer...

You will need to remeber these easy rules in order to do the reading properly, but please feel free to add and discard anything you dont like about what I do.

  1. Firsrtly remember that the ace of hearts is the yes card while the ace of spades is the no, this means whatever card appears first will show your answer.
  2. Always draw the next card from the deck you didnt do yet to verify if it is a maybe. If both the ace of hearts and spades appear it is a maybe.
  3. If you run out of cards by one of the decks it is a I dont know, if this keeps happening dont ask that question no more.
  4. Each time one of your decks run out start over.

I hope you love and try out this reading layout I made and you all have postive outcomes within your future! Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Yes/ No Easy Card Reading
Post # 2
Sometimes the answers to life aren't yes or no. Divination tells you more about your situation, the factors surrounding it, and what your subconscious wants. It isn't a magic 8-ball for you to get easy answers to all of life's problems.
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Re: Yes/ No Easy Card Reading
Post # 3
That doesn't make sense.what do you mean the answers to all life's questions isn't just a yes maybe or no. I think it is.
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Re: Yes/ No Easy Card Reading
Post # 4
I won't say it don't make sense, It does, even if for some questions, with practice, without practicing yourself one should not just deny or accept, as its experience that matters, and chances are that it can work, just shuffling may need work.. Occults is way wider than our thoughts can embrace its truth, anything and anyway which possess some possibility could be used as a mathod of divination.. Who would have thought Stones or pebbles, bones, shells, wood, rice, cow dung (in India) , smoke, flower petals , clouds or cards could be used as divination? but they are used and very well used!
Blessed Be!
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Re: Yes/ No Easy Card Reading
Post # 5
I don't think this works
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