Rose Quartz Breaking

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Rose Quartz Breaking

Rose Quartz Breaking
Post # 1
Hey there! My friend bought me a gorgeous rose quartz and I loved and adored it, I wore it everywhere. I went on a vacation and lost in on vacation- I couldn't find it anywhere! I went out and bought the same exact rose quartz again a couple weeks later. About 2 weeks ago, it broke. I have heard that a rose quartz breaking is always a good sign. Anyone have any input? What does it mean?
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Re: Rose Quartz Breaking
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Chipped, broken, stolen, or miss placed, it happens for a reason.

Rose quartz represents love, love relationships, our emotions, our heart, and the heart chakra. Many people place a rose quartz in their bra to help ease stress and anxiety related chest pains or wear it as a pendent. Over time, the rose quartz may turn white or break from having absorbed bad energy that normally would have affected our heart and our health. There is many reasons, it depends on your beliefs.
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Re: Rose Quartz Breaking
Post # 3
I agree with bloodlust. Sometimes a crystal will chip or break because it has absorbed negative energy from using it. You should try to cleanse your crystals periodically to prevent them from breaking. Also not all but some crystals that are very soft will chip and break like untumbled lopidolite or kyanite, so if you worry look up the mose hardness of the stone. I had a piece of selenite that I hade in a tumble cage and flaked and kept chipping, lol. Rose Quartz is part of the quartz family, so I think it's a 6 or a 7 which should be okay to carry around but it's been a while since I looked this up.
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Re: Rose Quartz Breaking
By: / Novice
Post # 4
"The Book Of Stones" by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian is an excellent book that covers hundreds of different stones. It describes the physical aspects, including the hardness and even where they can be found in the globe. The authors also describe which chakras, and elements they are correspondent with and what the stone aids in. I highly recommend this book, and it can be purchased at a VERY fair price. This book is helped me with numerous occasions when looking for the "right stone for the job."
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