Please help me!!

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Please help me!!
Post # 1
hello if you are reading this thank you , so i wanted some information about love spells, my ex girlfriend broke up with me from a 2, 1/2 year relationship, not to long ago, (about 2 months) im in love with her and she still says that she loves me too, she said that the reason we broke up was because she feel out of attraction and dose not love me in a romantic way any more, my question is , is there any spells that would help with this situation, i know that she started to feel this way because i was lazy and unemployed, i have changed my ways and working hard to fix all these problems but i just seeing if there are any spells that would bring back the that romantic love again.
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Re: Please help me!!
Post # 2
In my opinion you don't need a spell, you need to gain her attention back by spoiling her. You need to make her feel she is the only women in the world. How? send her flowers, presents, take her out ever second day, take her away from current environment. Don't forget to tel her you love her and she is the only girl in the world who is worth loving.
Good luck
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Re: Please help me!!
Post # 3
I completely agree with hurani, make her feel special and loved. Try to present yourself better and make her feel special, if it comes to the bed room try new things (not crazy stuff) just passionate stuff which will make her become even more attracted to you. Love spells are not the answer I used a love spell when my ex broke up with me. It backfired big style one day she just didn't want to be with for a little while because she wanted a taste of freedom, the day I did the spell her whole attitude towards me changed. She didn't want to ever see me again and completely lost all feelings of love she had for me. I regret doing the love spell but at the same time I am happy it is over I found the love of my life (a class mate from college) we started dating and we recently celebrated an amazing first year together on holiday in Glastonbury. What I am trying to say though you may want her back, which try by all means and I hope it works for you. Just don't forget to lose who you really are in the process and that there are plenty of fish in the sea. When my ex finished it completely I only wanted her and thought I could never be happy again with anyone else which resulted in 3 suicide attempts but then I met up my college geography class mate and hit it and I have never been happier. There is always more fish in the sea if it doesn't work out but let's hope it does work.
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