Hey hey, how ya kickin'?

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Hey hey, how ya kickin'?
Post # 1
So yeah I'm a part of this site now. I make didgeridoo music and am a big fan of such tunes. My tunes can only be described as "ozone house". Just give them a listen, you'll understand. Anyway, I'm big on the magical arts and hope to learn a whole bunch from, and make some rad pals on, this website.

With "love"
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Re: Hey hey, how ya kickin'?
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM. I suggest first checking your mail, if you haven't already. Here these will introduce you to a Mod and of course, Pet. Whom is our admin.

Next, i suggest checking out newbie central. This will give you a mini tour round the site. (Note: There's also an article on here under the page and coven called: The order)

Next check out the FAQs. These will give you basic info. Such as, no you can't become a dragon, have red eyes, or anything fantasy. This will also introduce the ranking system, mods and meanings.

Also get engaged! Best way to do this, is to agree to the sites chat rule, and possibly join a coven. Spell casters accepts all.

Learn the basics too. AwakeTooLong's forum posts on the basics, and the basics expanded are helpful!

General Tips :

*Follow the sites rules. Meaning no caps locks words, no mixed words, arguing, sexual acts, threats, other languages, ect. Doing so will usually cause a gag! Meaning, the gagged user can't communicate thus a useless account. Though you can make a new one if this happens.

*Help out. Yes frankly people love sounding smart, but false info can cause a label like ''fluff''. Help the mods, report bad behavior, correct some, but try to provide answers to things you know

*Have fun! This site normally is an inspiring and loving knit family.

Any questions? Feel free to message me. That goes for anyone. I check mail often.

Good luck, and BB. :)
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Re: Hey hey, how ya kickin'?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
You might also write in the English language; instead of Australian slang!
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