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M a newbie
Post # 1
Hello everyone. I am new to this site and to the path of magic. I have always been trying to learn more about this path from books and the internet ofcourse and now i really want to start my journey to becoming a witch. There are no people here i can ask help from or no shops to check books on this matter. So, i joined this site because i think that there must be many experienced and friendly people here who can help me in the journey.
I know that my english is not good so please forgive me for any mistakes.
Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.
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Re: M a newbie
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to Spells of Magic, a majority of the people on this site like to help people, some people might be trying to help, but, they don't really help, because, sometimes, they don't have a good grasp on it themselves. Then, there are people who have practiced and actually have retained knowledge from their studies. I suggest you read the pinned threads in this site, they will help you understand a lot of aspects, but the two you should try and retain is; AwakeTooLong's "The Basics: Expanded" and Starries "Starting Out", in which both are located in the General Info section.

I would suggest learning the site rules, just in case, you want to retain those rules, otherwise you could get in trouble on something you didn't know, if you haven't yet figured out, we do have a "Live Chat", but in order to use it, you must pass a sort of "test". So, I suggest you read those carefully. This site has many good features, but not every feature is reliable, like the "Fortunes" those are computer applications, they do not nor will they ever give your real results. They are for entertainments, I say this because we do happen to get threads regarding it.

Not every spell works, not every spell is real, just remember that, magick can't alter the fabric reality. Also, out of the sake of hearing this again, magick isn't supernatural, supernatural emplies that something is against the laws of nature, in which magick isn't, it's quite the opposite. Hearing this kind of makes me quite irritated, not saying you would call it that, but, just to make sure your educated in that.

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