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Newbie with questions
Post # 1
Hi, I hope I'm not doing this wrong but I was wondering if anyone knows of any spells to become a witch instantly because I want to do so before school starts and people have said it takes years of practice and you can't use a spell to become one so easily and others say the opposite and I would just like to know which one is true and if there is a spell to become one instantly I would like to know it. But I tried a few spells before and they didn't seem to work. (Sorry if I'm asking questions in the wrong place)
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Re: Newbie with questions
Post # 2
a witch is someone who does witchcraft. Practice witchcraft and you'll be a witch. That's all there really is to it ^^
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Re: Newbie with questions
Post # 3
Okay but wouldn't it still take some time to become a witch even if you do witchcraft?
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Re: Newbie with questions
Post # 4
First off, it takes time. Everything does! But magic is all around us, and a witch while seemingly thrilling, sure isn't all it's cracked up to be.

For one, you can't become a ''witch'' overnight. You also weren't born into a witch(though you could have been raised from family of witches). A witch in my opinion, is someone who works and respects the area around them. Many will say a witch casts spells, but while this is true, its not necessary!

Second becoming a witch and starting to practice witchcraft is serious. You could loose your house, job, friends, ect. So be careful who you tell, or don't tell at all.

If you become a witch, it'll take time. First learn the basics. Grounding, meditation, ect. These will help you out, and it will certaintly help in terms of knowing what to do. I suggest reading a few boks, and articles or forum posts on SoM here. AwakeTooLong's is good.

Resources for study :

Where to park your broomstick-Edith macoy

Raymonds complete book of witchcraft-raymond buckland

Wicca and Witchcraft : idiot's guide(this introduces Wicca, but through the book it explains esbats and sabbats, meditations, basics, and a newbie book)

Awaketoolong's -the basics
Awaketoolong's - the basic's expanded

There's another i haven't read it really, but i think it's the spiral hawk, or circle. Can't think of a name, sorry.

FAQs (These will answer basic questions. No you cannot change into a wolf, cat, eye color, hair, ect) These are fantasy!

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Re: Newbie with questions
By: / Novice
Post # 5
There is no spell to turn you into a witch, because as soon as you start practicing witchcraft you become a witch if that is what you choose to call yourself. Learning the craft takes many years, and a lot of patience but being called a witch is almost instant if you want to be called that.
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