Road Opener Spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Road Opener Spell?

Road Opener Spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
A friend and I have had really bad luck this past year. I want to try a spell to help both of us get out of this rut we have found ourselves in and actually get some good luck and some success for once, especially since now if kind of a crucial time. I'm looking to move out and he's trying to get a better job. If anyone can recommend me a good road opener spell and if there's one I can cast for both of us at the same time. Or would I need to do two separately for each of us? Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Road Opener Spell?
Post # 2

~What I will say is just an opinion resulting from my experience~

The most important tool in a ritual/spell-casting is you.The result of the spell depends on your will most likely but here I talk especially about spells casted on yourself/for your benefit.When it comes to another person an item connected to him is important.

I recommend you to study a bit from books,learn the so called "basics" and use common sense.After that you will be able to make your own spell which gives a better result as you put your own energy in it.

As for a spell in witch you include two persons you can use two items as a represantation of each other and candles with their names carved on it are the most used from my knowledge but not the only.

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Re: Road Opener Spell?
Post # 3
Have you had a look at the law of attraction
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Re: Road Opener Spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I used a Road Opener spell about a year and half ago and it went really well.

You can get kits for it over the internet. I got mine from a root worker down in Georgia. she was great and answered my questions. If you want her info you can PM me. But theres lots of sites that sell them.

It was a 9 day ritual that involved bathing and using a psalm ...then dumping the bathing water (a portion of it) at a crossroads. I lived in central idaho at the time and the water heater wasnt that great and man it was cold.

You have to dump the water as the sun is rising too, so yea, if you like to sleep in...this isnt a spell for you or your buddy...but i felt it was well worth it and i enjoyed the process. You annoint and burn some candles too.

Best of all the intention manifested itself very quickly. Within less than 5 days after the spell was completed.

I think road opener is a great way to go.

good luck!!


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