Lucid dreaming help?

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Lucid dreaming help?
Post # 1
Today, I had a really scary and puzzling lucid dream experience.
I've lucid dreamed alot before but it was usually just me momentarily becoming conscious that I was dreaming, but today was different.
In my dream, I was standing in my room where I was sleeping. I slowly realized that I was dreaming but I was so amazed because everything looked so real. Usually when I lucid dream, my surrounding would be foggy, but this time it wasn't. Then I looked at my mirror and realized that I could see a person's face smiling maniacly at me. He was situated where I was supposed to be sleeping. I was scared so I told myself to jump out the window and fly. I flew out the window and I was amazed at how I was flying. When I flew out though, I saw the universe
At my feet where the streets were supposed to be. I remember that I wondered in my dream where the streets were supposed to be but since I was so happy, I decided to try out controlling my dream so I decided to go to another country. I choose Paris (LOL). And I did go there. I was interrupted by my friend's voice. I wanted to go back to sleep again to continue my dream but I tried to talk to them before i realized that I was still dreaming. In my dream, i went back to sleep and when I awoke again (still in my dream). At that point, I could see little feet coming towards me. It was a little girl. I could still see her clearly, I told her to stop because I knew that I had control because it was my dream. She stumbled back and another older woman came forward and she lunged at me. At that point, I told myself to wake up. Almost immediately, I did. My body felt stiff and I had tingles all over. So I was wondering if someone can give me insight of what happened. Im honestly scared to sleep now. Thank you for reading, I know it was long.
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