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spell help
Post # 1
Hi i recently found a spell labeled becoming a wolf neko or an okami. I would like some info. on the spell but i can seem to find the creator. Anyone who has previous experiance or anyone whos done the spell and it actually worked please reply to this post.
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Re: spell help
Post # 2
Sorry to say there's no thing as a spell to change physically into any animal or mythical creature. Even though you'll find them on this site, they were posted by kids who watched too much tv. Now spells to help take on the spirit of a animal, or to get in touch with your spirit animal are true to word.
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Re: spell help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well first wolf and okami are the same thing [ookami is japanese for wolf] and neko is a cat [again, japanese] would like to point out calling something by its japanese names doesn't suddenly make it plausible. [directing this at people who want to become a 'neko' not directly at you Sami]

magick is energy found in nature, it is ruled by nature, cannot go against nature and therefore it cannot do physical changes. you are a human, no spell posted anywhere can physically change you into anything else. you might consider looking into astral projection, i've heard claims you can change your astral self into a wolf or whatever else. just not physically.
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Re: spell help
Post # 4
It does not work. I believe in magick, I'm not a stern practical nerd, but it isn't realistic - not even in Wicca or Paganism - and it doesn't work. There is no way to transform into a Neko wolf based on the spell. Of course, the creator of this website warned us that people will submit their fantasy spells joking around, not knowing the true meaning of Wicca, but it's up to us as the independent, wise individual to discard all fantasy and keep true magick in our mind.
I am sorry, darling, but it doesn't work that way with magick, unfortunately. If we could reform ourselves physically, we'd always be something different than what we were born being.
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Re: spell help
Post # 5
These type of questions are easy to answer, the reason is who were you born as? A human! If you were meant to be a wolf then you would be a wolf, magick will not change that because it was not meant to happen. Also whoever has said it worked for them is more than likely trying to waste your time or is what they call a role player. Or is just imagining things that aren't really happening.

I am very sorry if you didn't get the answer you want but stuff like this happens very often on here. I hope you got the info you needed!

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