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Questions for Everyone
Post # 1
Hi, I'm a newbie to this website, and I'm curious about these spells and stuff. My mom says that doing these spells would be the same as using a Ouija board. So, what I'm asking is: Has anyone ever had experiences with evil spirits (anyone who hasn't done spells associated with black magic)?
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Re: Questions for Everyone
Post # 2
Magic has no color.

The Ouija Board was invented in the 20th Century as a parlour game, though some use it for divination.

Evil spirits are a matter of belief. Some people work with angels, some with spirits in general, some with no spirits.

Magic is a separate thing from religion.

I'm guessing you're in a Christian home. Being a magic user can be tough in such an environment; some choose to remain "in the broom closet," so to speak, until they move out on their own.
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Re: Questions for Everyone
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Learning about magick will enable you to answer your questions. If you are interested, start with forums. In the General Info section, read starting Out and Basics Expanded. This will give you info on what magick is, and what you can do with it.
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Re: Questions for Everyone
Post # 4

The concept of good and evil are thrown around too much for my particular liking. As spirits have a personality of their own. Most of the spell on here are fantasy like "Growing wings" or "Teleporting"' are obviously never going to work. So my advice....dont waste your time. And as for your parents they have their own ideas of what things of the spirit world are I am sure. They are not the "same" thing.

People use the Ouija for divination purposes or means of contacting a spirt, spells can be but not limited to protection,healing,and to hurting a individual.

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Re: Questions for Everyone
Post # 5
Magic isn't good or bad, it's the way it's used. Like scissors, magic can be helpful or dangerous. The Ouija board was a game made around the Victorian era and only within the past few decades have people begun to take it more seriously as a 'dark magic' tool which summons demons. I cannot tell you about dark spirits as I don't know much about them. It's all about your own beliefs, really.
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