Dreams.. Please read

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Dreams.. Please read
Post # 1
So I'm clairvoyant.. And I usually get visions or dreams that are usually happen. So anyways. For the past week I've had this dream twice. And like its kinda your average dream with like my life but different. But both time I had awoken in complete fear. If somebody could please tell me why this would be happening or what it means that would be great.. I just need to know. If you need to know the full dreams just let me know and I'll tell you them as soon as possible.
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Re: Dreams.. Please read
By: / Novice
Post # 2

It's honestly difficult to interpret any dreams or give any answers about them with out any details. So, yes, you would need to tell us the details and events of the dreams

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Re: Dreams.. Please read
Post # 3

Well first off the first dream I had of it I moved to this house except like it was weird it was inside a warehouse with like these mini stores and and then like we had this maid who like would like ask us weird things like do you know what in the closet and all kinds of stuff that related to witchcraft. And my family would say no because for some reason we weren't aware we were psychic and then like we went to this lake and I can remember I hit my foot off these rocks and then we went back to this new house thing of ours. And then the second dream was like I woke up late and I was walking around and then my family had a party and there were all these balloons everywhere. And then like I was babysitting and I decided to go venture into one of the stores and like it almost looked like a hot topic from the out side but then like from the inside it was a witch craft store. And then I went to the lake again and I remember there was a fence in the water. So we left and as we were leaving I saw all these people I hate arriving and then I ruined my phone by accidently putting it in water while I was swimming.. So then I went home and my mom and her bf went outside on this porch and I went to sleep in this new room and it was huge and I swear I keep seeing things.. So then I began to get really thirsty so I attempted to grab a water bottle and for some reason I couldn't. So I went to our maid trying to tell her what was going on because I just got a vibe then. And then like I couldn't talk normal I was mumbling and like something was making it so I couldn't talk. Then I lost or maid like she just vanished so I looked everywhere and I went to my mom room and Luke her closet would led to the basement so I yelled our maids name a few times and then this huge gust of went happened and the door slammed close so I was actually still dying of thirst and I ran out tried to drink some water again but like it would dissapier before anything would go into my mouth so this maid started showing me the ways around magic and then I started having visions of the future.. Like these people were gonna break in and kill her and then go after my moms bf because of some video so then like she disappeared and then I tried to drink some water again and by now like my mouth was so dry it started swelling for some reason so I ran out trying to have my mom or anybody help me drink and then like my mom finally got me to be able to drink like somehow and then I just woke up in fear..
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Re: Dreams.. Please read
By: / Novice
Post # 4

It sounds alot like stressors in your home environment, especially regarding your mother are weighing heavily o. You while your subconscious is trying to sort out the emotions involved.until you work through it you will have no relief.

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