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Post # 1
From what I have come to understand is that there are a multitude of "clans" or people belonging to multiple diffrent groups that call themselves vampires. No, there are no fangs (even though some cultures file their teeth to sharp points) but there are traditions and rituals. Some do drink blood like the holywood famous Dracula but most use meditation and practice drawing energy from diffrent things such as clear Quartz and even animals. This is psychic vampirism. The vampires who drink blood are referred to as sanguine or something along the lines of that. I can't remember for sure and I'm a little to lazy to look it up. Anyways Sang vampires drink blood. It's tradition to avoid light and live in groups but for the most part, vampires are mysterious people. And yes they are human. So, vampires are part of a small culture. They do exist but not in the way most cultures depict them as. What I have come to understand is Vamprism is a small subculture to the gothic culture. There for no one is right or wrong. No, bat people allergic to garlic do not exist but yes vampires do exist and some drink blood by choice.

Re: Vampirism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
You may believe anything you wish; but a belief does not make it true. Anybody drinking human blood, even their own, of more than a cl or so will become seriously ill.Drinking blood regularly will result in death.
There is a tribe in Africa that does drink blood, but of other animals; not of humans. There are bats that drink blood; also insects. Humans could drink the blood of other animals, but again they would become ill if they drank very much of it..
There are young people (and some not so young) who like to dress-up as Dracula as in the movies, But Dracula is not real; he never was, Dracula was a work of fiction by Bram Stoker.
So, I'm sorry to burst your bubble; but vampires do not exist. Nor did they ever exist.

Re: Vampirism
Post # 3
Psychic or Energy vampirism is the concept that there are people who naturally subconsciously or consciously draw life energy from others, often making others ill or at least pulling positive emotions from them.

And for Sanguine Vampires, those are just people pretending to be vampires as a trend. And they certainly can't drink much blood, as drinking blood will make you ill in large quantities. Also they are at extreme risk of contracting diseases. Essentially they are wannabes.

Finally, actual vampires are etheric revenants, or spirits that after death feed on the life force of the living and some other sources, attempting to remain in existence and sustain themselves independently of their body, still tied to it until they grow enough.

Most folklore on vampires point to this concept, rather than that of the physical undead emerging from their graves at night.

Re: Vampirism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Actual vampires,Jack? You have just written a belief as though it's a fact.Please don't do that. Say it is your belief, or your opinion.

Re: Vampirism
Post # 5
I should have been more specific, as in stating what actual folklore on vampires states. I'm certainly not stating the existence of vampiric beings as fact.

My apologies.

Re: Vampirism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Oh, I understood you! But there are children on this site who often find it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Especially if English is not their first language.

Re: Vampirism
Post # 7
Dracula (great book) is based on Vlad Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory, but the myth comes from before.

Formerly a lot of people who were not really dead, just apparently, were buried. When lifted the lid of the coffin they saw scratches on the inside, so they think... Vampire!.

This is one of the reasons why the myth originated. In addition, certain types of porphyria fit the characteristics of the vampire, aversion to sunlight, receding gums and flesh around the nail ...

Re: Vampirism
Post # 8
@Brysing from see these replies and others you seem to be very anti vampire regardless of the use of its term. Do you have a prejudice against them? I personally don't believe in fantasy vampires, some do and you seem very quick to knock them down.

I feel everyone is entitled to their belief as long as it hurts no one.

Back to the topic, it's very interesting hearing about the potential facts that could have lead to todays modern vampire portrayed in films.

Re: Vampirism
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Brysing despite what you keep saying, sanguine vampires do exist.
They are simply humans who choose to live the life of a "vampire", they choose to drink a small amount of blood as part of their daily lives. They are not real vampires, but they choose to act as though they are. This is what I believe e Mascari is talking about, not real vampires.

Drinking a small amount of blood is perfectly fine, nose bleeds cause you to drink about the same amount of blood as these people do, maybe even more.

It is not an opinion that these humans exist, it is a fact. They are not immortal, and they don't have super powers or fangs, But they do call themselves vampires.

Re: Vampirism
By: / Novice
Post # 10
H2OfanRikki, you contradicted yourself. "sanguine vampires do exist", " They are not real vampires, but they choose to act as though they are." These are your words. Why do people go on and on about this? This vampire business is nonsense. A combination of misunderstanding what happens when the body decomposes, and fantasy movies/books, have caused a culture of wannabees to act a certain way as a matter of wanting attention for whatever reasons. Fictional vampires drink blood, turn others by biting and making the bitten one drink blood, turn into bats and fly, cannot go out into sunlight, sparkle even. Oh, and supposedly become immortal. The fear was so great that vampire kits were made and sold back in the days when people were not knowledgeable. Suckers are out there, and there is money to be made. Does this sound even remotely possible? Come on, people, get a life! Live in the real and now. It's much more interesting and rewarding.

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