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Penta Magic
Post # 1
Penta Magic has done a member cleanup and we are once again seeking active members.All members are welcome here regardless of experience level. We have seasoned practitioners as well as those very new to Paganism and magic. All we ask is that everyone follows the rules and stays active within the coven forums and chatter.
About out Coven:

We are an eclectic coven. Within our forums you will find information on a variety of spells and rituals from varying paths and areas of magic. Here, we pride ourselves on assisting each other in growing and developing on our own individual paths, while working toward the similar goal of expanding our knowledge and experience as magical practitioners.

We are also working on adding weekly quizzes/polls, video discussions/a video archive for interactive lessons, group projects, and much more!

*Application for Joining Penta Magic

No member will be accepted if they don't have a personal bio or a picture on their profile. You can apply to join the coven by clicking the apply option at the top of our coven page, and then sending the coven leader(s) a completed application. If you are accepted, you will receive a message from either the Priest or the Priestess within 24hours of applying.

-To join please email the current Priest the following information:

Your Age:

Why you wish to join the coven:

How active you'll be able to be within the coven:

What you wish to learn/study:

Years of experience and/or practice:

Have you been a member of any other covens on the site? If so, what were your reasons for leaving?:

If you have any questions, please mail me.

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Re: Penta Magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Best of luck to you and yours. :)

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Re: Penta Magic
Post # 3

We've been getting a lot of people applying, but no one has sent us any applications. If you want to be considered as a possible applicant, you must send me a filled out application via the site mail.

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