I see you

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I see you
Post # 1
Hey people from all over the world. I'm new at this. I've been always interested in witchcraft and voodoo but never actually thought of practicing it.
Any advise you guys are willing to give would be much appreciated.
A little bit about myself is that I'm loud and crazy person. I tend to live in the moment. I'm not consider to be shy at all. Easy to talk to person, always trying to help others, and I love the night life.
Don't be shy
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Re: I see you
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hi there Athena001, I would start your journey by learning the basics in the forum area, it's is a good way to get to grips with what is and isn't possible with magick.
Spells and the such can come later, but you need a good foundation of knowledge before you can do much.

Once you find a path that calls to you I suggest getting some books on the subject by reputable authors.

One more thing, don't go out and buy lots and lots of items before you really now what you need, a lot of the things you use are easy to mimick with cheaper items or items you find in nature.

Good luck and I hope you succeed.
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Re: I see you
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Hello. I always suggest forums to begin with. In the General Info section, read Starting Out and Basics Expanded. Lots of good info to read here. But that gives you a starting point. Good luck, and good reading!
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Re: I see you
Post # 4
I am also new to this and i also loved magic but everyone told me it was a fake but i never stoped believing im glad to be on this site though.
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Re: I see you
Post # 5
Thanks for the advise and for sure will read the forums I need to get started in practicing spells
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