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Book Of Shadows
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
I often see questions on posts, and I have had quite a few personal messages, asking about The Book Of Shadows. Let me try to make it all make sense to the "newbies".
When I was young, and learning witchcraft, nobody had ever heard of a Book of Shadows! That title came much later as Gerald Gardner became better known to the public. Doreen Valiente said that it was always a good idea to keep a record of experience,thoughts,ideas,knowledge. But it does not have to be an actual book!
All the years when I was being taught witchcraft my teacher insisted that I write everything she told me in a notebook. I still have dozens of them!
So, a book of shadows is really a record of your life. Like a Diary. And just as you may have lots of diaries over many years, so you will also have many "books" of shadows.It may very well not be one book! But a number of books, papers, clippings, photographs; or just a pile of school exercise books like mine!
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Re: Book Of Shadows
Post # 2
Right it could even be called book of wisdom! if you really want too , knowledge is power!
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Re: Book Of Shadows
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Further, it's also a good idea to keep a notebook and pen at your bedside, so that when you awake, you can record your dreams before they "fade"; as they do!
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Re: Book Of Shadows
Post # 4
I agree that it is valuable to record your results and other notes. My book of shadows is a flash drive full of documents about magic, ebooks, photos, drawings, and things from the web. I also keep a cloud backup in case I lose the drive. I like being able to search my drive automatically for what I need too.
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