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Forums -> Wicca -> Confused??

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi, I've built a lovely relationship with the Lord and the Lady. I've prayed to them and talked to them everyday, and I've really enjoyed their role in my daily life.

But how do I start to work with other deities? I get that you can have a patron, but if you have a patron, and the Lord and the Lady, what do you do regarding the other gods?

I kind of feel like the Lord and the Lady are all I really want. but I really like Greek mythology, and I'd like to work with that pantheon, but how do I make that work? how do I pay individual attention to all of them with only twenty four hours in a day? how do I make room for all of them on my altar? do I have to say a prayer to each of them every day?
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Re: Confused??
Post # 2
I work with the norse gods mainly three but from time to time I call on others you don need to work with the whole pantheon every day or have a alter that emcompasses it it wud be massive find the ons that speak to you and wrok with them but don't be afraid to call on the others as you need them or the mood hits you
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Re: Confused??
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

There is in theology a term known as "henotheist". That describes a person who works with some deities in particular without denying that other deities exist. This is the category that many Wiccans fall into. As an example, when in circle I work specifically with the Goddess of the Moon and the Horned Lord, but I do not deny tha Zeus, Thor, the Daghda, Kali, and other gods are real. It's just that they are not of immediate concern for me.

When I am in a Wiccan circle I work with the Lord and Lady of the Wica whose names are known only to the initiated of my Tradition.

However, in my personal practice I work specifically with Sekhmet, Tehuti, Anpu, and Menthu. I have a separate altar for them which is different from a traditional Wiccan set up as they are not truly part of my Wiccan practice. There is a picture of my Egyptian altar in my pictures in my profile.

There is an excellent book on the subject of working with Patron Gods called "Devoted To You" by Judy Harrow. I'd highly recommend reading it as I think it will help you a great deal in establishing and maintaining a relationship with one or more Patrons.

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