Bring us back together

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Bring us back together
Post # 1
Hi! I have a kinda same situation with maymidnight. I have my boyfriend/partner for 4 years now. We have different nationality and different religion; he is a Muslim and I am a Christian. But even so we've got something in common and that is our faith to God. We truly love each other so much that we consider ourselves husband and wife and that is how he introduced me to his family and they were fine with our relationship though I know it's not 100%. We got to separate our ways because I need to go back to my home country and he stays in the country where our love has developed to continue working. We decided to settle in my home country and that is why we started to build our love nest where we could start our little family. Everything was fine until just recently; it all twisted out. His family forcing him to marry someone belongs to their nationality as per their tradition. If he will not agree they would forsake him as their son. As him being a good son, a righteous Muslim in his eyes, he cannot able to disobey his parents whatever it takes. And so in just a second he cut everything between us and agree to his parents even he really doesn't like. Their engagement will be happening soon. He really loves me but he is tied up with a tradition where he tried to break the rules in our 4 years but can't stand on it now anymore. Please help me. I am so devastated. I don't want us to be totally separated, we're still chatting. Any help or spell that would make us stick together til the end? Please help. Thank you!
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Re: Bring us back together
Post # 2
To be devils advocator I would say move on and stick to your own.
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