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Just signed up..
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Hi all. I signed up, made a long post, received some insight, chatted a bit and lightened up a little bit with the image of the mountains,a chipmunk and some mongolian food.

Trying to get grounded, still difficult at the moment. I am of no particular faith or religion, a reader of everything I am still seeking. Used to move so much in positive energy, but I now feel the pull of the other side calling. Maybe I was not balanced enough. When you do an anagram of my name it says I live or lived in Ireland. Would always dream of that particular landscape an obsessive longing for it. Finally had the opportunity to go there stepped off of the ferry and tears ran abundantly from my eyes not a sound and a local came up and said welcome home. Only spent one day but that was a grounding experience. Seem to attract occult types who constantly think I am part of their group although I am not with any group. I feel close to natural things, plants and animals. Moths seem to like me, when I am really stressed out (lately)they will appear in my home although all windows and doors are locked.

Still learning and living life. But right now in this journey I feel very angry because of monies owed and promises not kept...broken promises causing financial harm. I am feeling very human and not as spiritual as I would normally feel. I feel as if I am at a crossroads that I have been trying to avoid.

I will end here, because honestly I could write a book ;) Really I am just trying to get to know and accept this new angry person and understand that it is still me...part of me.

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