Am I really cursed?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Am I really cursed?

Am I really cursed?
Post # 1
Hi all,
Please forgive me if this thread is in the wrong place, I didn't know where to post it and here seems most appropriate.
A few years ago I went out with a girl who's mother was into white magic, black magic, voodoo, tarot cards and pretty much everything else.
When we broke up her mother said she would curse me. I just laughed it off.
Fast forward a couple of years I was on holiday with a new girlfriend and she decided to see a psychic. I also saw the psychic for the comedy value.
Unfortunately, the psychic said I was hard to read because I had been cursed. I instantly thought back to my ex girlfriends mother saying she was going to curse me. For a couple of hours I felt uncomfortable but decided to shrug it off thinking it was a 1 in a million coincidence.
Fast forward another few years to only a couple of weeks ago I was working alongside a complete stranger and he said "excuse me mate, I feel I have to tell you something" I said "okay buddy go for it" his response was please don't think I'm being weird but I see things and I see your cursed".
I froze and felt sick, I opened up to him and told him everything, I asked him to get rid of the curse, he told me he couldn't but would pray for me.
This has now led me here as I don't know what to do.
I'm pretty sure it can't be another coincidence, can it?
Since leaving that girl all them years ago people have said if you didn't have bad luck you would have no luck at all. Another coincidence or is there something more to it.
I don't want you to decide whether you believe my story, I just want a little help or insight into what's happening.
Thanks for reading and would appreciate any replies.
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Re: Am I really cursed?
Post # 2
Brysing's wisdom words:

"A curse only works from fear. A curse can only hurt you if you believe that it can. No curse can hurt me! I don't believe in such nonsense. "
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Re: Am I really cursed?
Post # 3
You say she cursed you, but have you ever felt that way? I mean, you are still happy, still leading a good life and all. The curse isn't affecting you other than random people popping out at random places to tell that you are cursed. Just shrug them off and keep moving on.

Blessed be :)
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Re: Am I really cursed?
Post # 4
Thanks for the replies.
I thought more into it once I was told on more than one occasion.
I shall shrug it off and think no more of it other than a coincidence.
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