Black magick love spell

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Black magick love spell
Post # 1
This thought came across to me a few nights ago. When you do a love spell on someone your going against someones free will and could end up with bad karma. But if you think about it, the person doing the magick doesn't wanna hurt the one they're doing the magick on. Obviously, if they're doing a love spell on that person; they care about them and like them more than a friend, and if they both have things in common and get along really well, I think its worth a chance for them to be together. I don't think they deserve bad karma in the end because its not like they were putting a curse on that person. On the other hand, if someone was putting a curse or hex on an enemy; making someone have bad luck for the rest of their life, never succeed, have their relationship or marraiage fail, THAT'S when they deserve bad karma because you're wishing harm on your enemy. What do you guys think, do you argee?
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Re: Black magick love spell
Post # 2
No because messing with someone's heart can be worse than any physical wound sometimes. Because what if one love left them with the inability to trust anyone, that would have the chain affect that might harm the future spouse or future children.
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Re: Black magick love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 3
how do you define 'harm'? this will determine if you view a spell as 'good' or 'bad'. I know people who feel curses are justified under the right circumstances.

yes, you love the person so much you decide to cast a spell on them to make them love you too because love is lovely. now take one step to the side and view the situation again. you want someone, and you don't care if they like someone else, or perhaps they are focused on other things than romance, would you walk up to them and say something like 'i know you aren't very interested in romance at this time, but i am, you're my boyfriend now until i realize this was a bad idea'. you wouldn't do this would you? however many people [specifically teen girls] do this regularly with spells. they have a crush they are too nervous to talk to, so they cast a spell to make fantasy reality. thing is, fantasy is rarely reality, so their wish/spell turns into a nightmare, so they undo the spell and they feel better. again, lets go from the guys standpoint, he went from at most a crush, to deep loving affection, to heartbreak, and it was the result of anothers desires.

are all love spells 'bad'? no [first i feel no spell is 100% good or bad] but you should think before you cast for one thing. spells designed to attract love, or when a couple cast a spell together [like a handfastening or an aphrodisiac] thats fine since either you're asking the universe to bring more love into your life [not specifically someone you know] or two people have decided to do something [therefore one is not manipulating the other] it's when someone [again, usually a teen girl with a crush] decides they want to date their crush, and instead of talking to the person, getting to know them, then asking them out, the person goes the 'easy route' and casts a spell to force the crush into doing all the legwork.
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Re: Black magick love spell
Post # 4
Its against their will forcing them to love you when they really dont. I am disgusted by them personally
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Re: Black magick love spell
Post # 5
Yes ones that are like that for making yourself seem more attractive but ones that actually make a person love you is wrong
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