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Strange Dream - Help
Post # 1
This dream happened one or two weeks ago, and I'm not one to remember a dream for too long, but this one got stuck in my mind. I wish I had completed it. Can you please tell me what is was all about? Or at least what it could have been?

I dreamed there was a hand on my throat and then suddenly it was like I was leaving my body. When I left my body it all changed there was a sound that came close to those astrological tunes, and all I could feel was desperation for this new sensation of not having a body. It wasn't a felt like I was getting somewhere, I was travelling, it was like a spiral going upwards, it had a lot of purple and blue, maybe stars, I can't really remember all the details, or maybe there aren't words for me to explain everything.

I couldn't pray, I forgot how to pray, I started to but couldn't complete my prayers. And then suddenly I was back in my body, and immediately woke up. It felt like there was something I had to see, or talk to someone 'coz I've been asking for contact in my dreams, to understand my life, the things I want to do, but I didn't feel prepared 'coz at the same time I'm fascinated with the unknown and seek help from it I'm also afraid of it.

I don't know if any of this makes any sense..I hope someone gets a feeling or something...
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Re: Strange Dream - Help
Post # 2
I try not to participate to much in this forum now adays, even though I stop by once a year or so, and this one definitly sparked a response. (Let's just pretend this is all make believe, a false story I tell you for my sake, as I don't like being an honest person;) I have seen many, MANY evil things, I've had something other than myself screaming demonic bloody murder as I was pulled back into my own body by forces unknown. I had never seen or encountered an entity of good will, only 'dark' and 'evil' spirits, to the very best of my knowledge... until one night a creature whose name and description I dare not mention here walked, or should I say crawled, into my room. There was no need pray. Something, or someone, came to my assistance. And thank god for it. Apperently, from the advice of sages and shaman, the thing was going to kill me... no 'soul stealing', no 'scaring me', it was going to KILL me. And I got saved. Idk if this will help u, but I wanted to say it. To this day I will never, ever trust something that comes up to me and says 'I am good'... the only good criter from elseware I ever even posibly met, came to my aid, wen I NEEDED it, and then left, never be be seen or thanked again.. prayer was not needed. What are all the prayers uve previously said worth if they simply vanish wen u need them?
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Re: Strange Dream - Help
Post # 3
Thanks for sharing your experience! I've got more quetions now though ahaha

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