divination: runes?

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divination: runes?
Post # 1
I want to start learning divination and runes seem to catch my attention the most therefore IV decided upon using runes for this. Only problem is I dont have any, I'm broke, and I have no idea how to use them. Any help on how to make them, and how to use them, and reliable sites on where I can learn more would be very appreciated. If you have alot of information about it please email me on this site, thank you.
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Re: divination: runes?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

this is an explanation on how to make runes, the site also has information on what each rune means. I'd suggest getting to know them each individually
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Re: divination: runes?
Post # 3
The above is a great suggestion. Another is if you can get a couple bucks, getting some of those flat plant marbles from the dollar store and a permanent marker that will show up on them. The marbles have a flat side, so can lay face down.
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Re: divination: runes?
Post # 4
This site is pretty great for learning about runes:

A great book is Odin's Gateways by Katie Gerrard.

If you have an Android device, Galaxy Runes is a cool app you can use to help learn the runes as well.

Making runes is as easy or as difficult as you'd like it to be! It can be as simple as picking up some smooth rocks outside and drawing a rune onto each one with a sharpie.

To learn them well, I've taken to picking one out of a bag at random every week or so and carrying it around in my pocket to see what lessons I learn from it. I then take notes about it and when I feel like I've learned enough, I put it back and take out a new one. In my opinion, they're harder to learn than tarot since there's no visual queue or collective symbolism to help reinforce the interpretation of it. Once you learn them well, however, they have a very powerful and unique feeling to them. Have fun! :D
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