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I am NEW
Post # 1
Hello there! As you can tell by the name, I go by Cheyenne. My biological name is Kenya but I never like the meaning of it, which means "horned". "Horned" shouldn't be a pleasant to name someone but my mother didn't know the meaning. Now enough of names, I would like to introduce myself.

For starters, I have been on this site since I was 15 and have not made an account to become a member. I got the inspiration to become a witch from movies, books, television shows, and Google. Most information I read seem unlikely real, until I saw this site. I have everything to make the spells in here work but my mind drifts off most of the time. I have a large imagination and a sense of creation. I come up with ideas that may seem odd or genius but I could never tell, personally.

I am a writer and an artist at heart. I can across witchcraft to expand my imagination and curiosity for my future. I am not forward with black magic (absolutely not!!), but I strive for white, green, and Egyptian magick. Myths make me curious and I tend to go overboard. I have gotten some friends of mine to start witchcraft with me and so far we are struggling. I want to feel myself becoming anything other than normal. I am not asking for love, luck, or money... I just want to control my life the way I want it to be controlled.

Well, this is all I can tell you for now. Thank you for reading and if you have anything you would like to say to me, feel free to message me (I don't know how that works haha). Thank you and blessed be.
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Re: I am NEW
Post # 2
Hi my name is Itzel but I go by blue soul or Zel :) I an fairly new here and I was also brought into magic because of media and my mum. And I drift off as well because of my imagination Lol :) I too am struggling with magicK but good thing there are people out there who can help us. good luck to you and blessed be
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