cleaning and spell work

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cleaning and spell work
Post # 1
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been very messy. It had always seemed very difficult for me to clean things, in particular my room. If you were to enter my room now, you would probably think that I should be on the show Hoarders:Buried Alive. I don't know why but cleaning my room is a very difficult task for me, even more so than cleaning the kitchen or bathroom.

With that being said, I've heard that it is especially important to work in a clean environment when you're performing spells, rituals, or just simple meditation. Will the spell be affected in any way if you were to cast it in a messy area? Is there any way I could overcome laziness and procrastination (which I'm assuming is why I'm so messy)?
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Re: cleaning and spell work
Post # 2
The idea is about having a sense of order, and eliminating distractions. You don't want to be in the middle of trying to concentrate, and notice something you need to take care of. Or try to move something aside when you're finished, and not have a place for it.
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Re: cleaning and spell work
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
In my opinion, I like to do my workings in at least a semi-clean area because when I cleanse something spiritually I would like the physical aspect of that to match. But if you do not have a problem with working in a messy space, do it if you want to. That is your craft and it is up to you. As the user above me has said, working in a messy space can be very distracting to some people and that is a reason why most people do not do it, that does not mean you have to do the same thing as them. Whatever makes you comfortable is the way to go.
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