Herbalism, intro Part II

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Herbalism, intro Part II
Post # 1
Once we know the three principles, we need to identify the characteristics of each plant. My intention was to put a table but I can't, anyway, we use the following attributes: Flower scent, fruit flavor, color, shape and volume.

Male plants( Yang, positive):

Air plants : (Scent)unpleasant, (Flavor)rough, (Color)blueish, (Shape)thin, (Volume) very tall.

Fire plants:penetrating, spicy, reddish, twisted, medium.

Female plants ( Ying, negative):

Earth plants: soft, sweet, yellowish, lumpy, small

Water plants: null, acid, greenish, vine, small with large fruits

Take an example. We have a unscented plant, yellow flowers, vine shaped , with large sweet fruits. Combining these elements can see a female plant, predominantly water with earth features. Description corresponds to pumpkin.

Once we know the predominant features can classify its genre and its element. To identify the ruling planet must apply similar criteria, its shape and appearance, flowers color, scent and fruit flavor.

Sun plants: (Shape and appearance) medium, (Scent) very aromatic,(Color) yellow flowers, (Flavor) bitter
Moon plants: whimsical, light colored flowers, very mild odor, poor taste
Mercury plants: sinuous, small multi-colored flowers, pungent, various flavors
Venus plants: small and flowery, beautiful and cheerful flowers, exquisite scent, sweet
Mars plants: thorny, small red flowers, spicy smell, poisonous fruit
Jupiter plants: leafy, white or blue flowers, odorless, slightly acid
Saturn plants: large and sad, black or gray flowers, unpleasant odor, poisonous fruit

No need to classify each plant, there are encyclopedias such as Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs that use the same system and also contain the most common uses for a variety of plants, but it never hurts to learn how to classify them, not all are on the books .

Next time, I will show how to get the "personality" of each plant based on the predominant elements and how to combine plants correctly according to the sympathy between ruling planets and "personalities".
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