Seax Wica Help Thingy

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Seax Wica Help Thingy
Post # 1
Hey I am wanting to learn more about Seax Wica but I sort of fell into a hole here. I'm reading the Saxon Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland and it says that I need a sword.

I would love to have a sword and plus my birthday is coming up, so I may get one. But I cant find one that isn't expensive. The ones on this site are to pricey and they don't sell towards my area.

So what I was thinking on doing is buying this short sword

Likes it says it thirteen inches in length but Im not sure that is big enough or if its okay to use as a sword. I'm trying my best to be as traditional as I can get. also my athame I'm gonna get is 7 inches, are they to close together in length?

I need help figuring this out and sorry this may seem like a stupid question.
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Re: Seax Wica Help Thingy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

The sword mentioned in Seax Wicca is the Seax, or Viking era sword which has a particular shape and size. The sword you show from Amazon is a late Medieval sword and would be long after the age of the Vikings, so if you're trying to be traditional it's entirely the wrong blade.

Most seax these days are hand-forged by craftsman so they are going to be expensive as you are paying for their time, materials and craftsmanship. However, I did find a relatively inexpensive seax at

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Re: Seax Wica Help Thingy
Post # 3
Bone, I know you are trying to be traditional and all, but as far as magic is concerned, having the genuine article won't make a lick of difference. My sword is a ten dollar machete from the hardware store, and athame is a typical kitchen knife consecrated under the full moon. Haven't had any issues with them.
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Re: Seax Wica Help Thingy
Post # 4
Thanks Lark and Sham
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