magical ability

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magical ability
Post # 1
Im probably going to say this wrong but here i go. Glamour magic seems to resonate with who i am and it seems to came naturaly to me. Any explantion for this?
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Re: magical ability
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
What do you mean by "Glamour magic"?
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Re: magical ability
Post # 3
spell that effect how you are seen by others. Often represted as a way to change your physical apperance.
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Re: magical ability
Post # 4
Though it is not
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Re: magical ability
By: / Novice
Post # 5
it is a grey area of magick, but mostly not real. magick is a natural energy, it works with by subtly effecting the energy around us to create our desired change. it is part of nature, and therefore ruled by nature. if humans cannot do something naturally [grow wings, turn invisible, time travel] then magick cannot make such changes. therefore saying a few words and looking like a celebrity will not work.

on the other hand, if a spell tells you to say a chant and drink a potion made from water, cucumber, mint and lemon before your workout to help with weight loss, this would work [though more likely as a placebo] because the magick is being used as an extra boost to your work out. the basic rule with glamour spells [and all spells] if they boast a dramatic, instant, physical change, they don't work.

anyway, why you feel drawn to a field of study, could be a few reasons, maybe you like the element [potions involve liquids therefore working with water elements] you are interested in the idea in question [calling on faeries, helping to heal sick people] or you saw a movie and thought it was cool [The Craft, Charmed, Harry Potter] either way i suggest you study 'the basics' and perhaps pick up a beginners book, before trying to cast spells so you know what you're doing and don't waste time, money, and energy on fruitless pursuits.
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