Drawn 2 Deities/Archetype

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Drawn 2 Deities/Archetype
Post # 1
Is it normal to be drawn to different deities and archetypal figures?Just a few months ago, I was being drawn to one deity, and now, since yesterday, I've felt drawn to another deity and a deity-like archetypal figure. Is this normal? While I do believe that all gods are God and that God has many faces, I'm still pretty new to this type of feeling and it can be a little confusing or frustrating to say the least. Especially when getting proper info during research can be a total pain and feels nearly impossible sometimes. Anyway, is any or all of this normal?
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Re: Drawn 2 Deities/Archetype
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

The name of your belief is soft polytheism and while you are entitled to your belief, just recognize that not all of the pantheons that can be included in soft polytheism are actually soft polytheistic (for example, the Hellenic pantheon is very hard polytheistic in believing that they are their own separate Gods).

That aside, it is perfectly normal to be drawn to more than one deity. If need be, pace yourself in your research so that you're not overwhelmed (and by no means is there any rush).

What deities and archetypal figure are you wanting to research?

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Re: Drawn 2 Deities/Archetype
Post # 3
Thank you, Eissey, and I've been called "transcendentalist" as well lol (I have a few different opinions on God).

As for the deities and figures... First, I felt more connected to the more feminine side of God, but it was more like an overview of God or liek saying "the Universe" instead of naming galxies type of thing (if that analogy make any sense). A few months ago, I felt very drawn to the goddess Isis/Aset and I still have a red candle for her on my altar (my altar is back home, though, and I'm with my mom for a few months now). Since yesterday, though, I've felt drawn to Hekate and the Horned God. Last night, I even heard Hekate's name a few times out of nowhere, but for right now I'm classifying that as Just My Imagination. Also, I've been feeling kind of drawn to her "dark nature" and in a little of my research I've seen her called a "Goddess of Transitions", which sort of resonated with me (I'm transgender, so that could be why, plus I've moved about and been in-between a lot of places, mostly in-between my mental places and physical ones, I think). As for the Horned God (whome I'm calling an archetype because I feel that's what he and there's too many horned deities to just talk of one), I've been feeling something drawing me towards the images, symbols, and the feral side of him.
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