Honey jars

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Honey jars
Post # 1
Do they work fast? Fire magick works the fastest. Would a honey jar be considered earth magick? Would it go faster with a candle burning on top?
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Re: Honey jars
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Its a hoodoo spell you work. i dont know what you mean by earth or fire or whatever.

They dont work fast anyway, they work kinda slow. The point isnt speed so much as it is effectiveness.

Lots of posts about it though.

Good luck

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Re: Honey jars
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Honey jars have no connection to the elements or anything of the sort, they are simply spells(primarily used in Hoodoo). Candles can be burned or not, it has no influence over the speed of the working, which being a honey jar, works relativelyslow. Honey jars are not meant to be fast workers, they are meant to sweeten a goal slowly and with time.

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Re: Honey jars
Post # 4
Think of how honey runs. It runs smooth and slow. This is similar to how the spell works. Have patience and remain faithful and you'll be surprised about how successful this will be.

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Re: Honey jars
Post # 5
I am doing a honey jar love spell right now. My fianc? left me and my daughter and I found this spell. It was a bad breakup and a few days after he texted then came around. But mine is a little more complicated cause his mom dabbles in magic and is not a good person and so we are back to not talking. But it is a slow progress spell so you have to have patience. I believe mine gave fast results cause there is still a lot of love still. We just have some obstacles to get through. If anything it teaches you patience. I got a reading after starting it and the future looks bright but it will be rocky for us before we get there. I am not trying to will him to love me but to remind him of how much love we have for one another and for our daughter. One advise though....don't argue cause it makes the process longer. It takes two to make it work.
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