Cord Cutting: Question

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Cord Cutting: Question
Post # 1
Hello and Blessings,

I am in need of a variety of different opinions and knowledge. Currently, my new dear friend and I are having a rather interesting situation and I think it needs some magickal assistance.

So, this friend of mine also practices witchcraft. He and I have many things in common; our zodiac signs, our life path numbers, our personal colors, our similar beliefs in witchcraft, our similar totem animals, and more. These all combine and we've noticed that we think extremely alike. We talk almost every second of each day now, but there is a major problem in our involvement. He has confessed to being attracted to me, and I have recently admitted to myself that I have a mutual attraction for his intellect. The problem is this: there is a significant age gap and I've been committed to someone for over a year now. I do know that this friendship will never turn into something more due to the age gap, but I do know that I want him in my life as a friend and magickal partner. We respect each other's boundaries and we don't engage in a romantic way at all. But, recently I've been stuck on conflicted feelings between him and my current boyfriend. I am not asking for dating advice. Instead, here is my question...

I plan on doing a self cleansing ritual to clear my negative/unsettling emotions. I've told him he should consider doing the same. But, I just remembered the practice of Cord Cutting. I'm reading up on it and I feel like it could maybe help us to "cut" our mutual attraction so that we can carry out a normal friendship. Is this possible to do when it comes to cutting cords? I've also read that cutting your cords with someone does not mean you are removing them from your life; it only means that you're cutting a negative cord while keeping the positive ones connected (In this case, the positive cords would be our platonic connection, similar beliefs, etc). So, is anyone knowledgeable on cord cutting? If so, do you think it can be a good magickal solution to this problem? Thanks! I appreciate any comments or feedback!
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Re: Cord Cutting: Question
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
It is always a problem. My ex-wife is 29 years younger than me. We have a son (age 33) three grandchildren, and we are still close friends. Happy? Not really.Contented? Yes!
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Re: Cord Cutting: Question
Post # 3
That's interesting, Brysing. Thanks for commenting on another post of mine again. :D
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