Friend being followed?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Friend being followed?

Friend being followed?
Post # 1
My friend has told me that she feels like she saw an entity like Slenderman or has been targeted by one.
NOW TO CLARIFY I did tell her that slender doesn't exist but that demonic entities like it are real and do share similarities.
My friend originally told me about her first encounter a year ago. She said that she had heard a ringing in her ears, dreamed of Slender, electronics started glitching, and she had seen it when no one else could.
This could be very easily explained as her imagination but shes really freaked out when she heard that I had symptoms of the "Slender Sickness". I have been having nosebleeds and major headaches.. so she got concerned and started to tell me to be careful and then she said about 2 weeks ago she was having the experiences come up again! But she said she saw something on a roof that was tall, black, and had no face.
I want to help her but I don't know what to do. I really am worried for her and I want to know if theres anything simple that she could do to ward off this thing in case it isn't her imagination!

useless note* I believe in tarot so I told her to do a yes/no tarot reading and she got the Emperor. It said that she had let the emotions get to her head so I did recommend for her to ignore this and live life normally for a few days then look back and see if she noticed anything unusual or has felt uncomfortable.

I'm probably going to get a lot of replies that say "Slender isn't real. Your friend is imagining it," or "Tell her to lay off on watching scary movies before bed," but to be honest I'm going to ignore you (I don't mean it as disrespect but I'm just looking for a method of keeping this thing away from her!)
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Re: Friend being followed?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

What it sounds like, whether you want to hear it or not, is that your friend has found a way to attract attention to herself and to get you paying a lot of attention to her. You know that Slenderman isn't real. You know that she may have imagined what she saw. Your Tarot reading even said that what she claims is imaginary. Yet she persists because every time she does you get all flustered and start acting like she is telling the truth.

My first suggestion would be that the next time she tells you this you look at her and tell her, "I think you are making this all up." and then drop the subject. If you don't react to her claims I suspect they will stop.

On the other hand, if you are truly worried you could either make her a protective talisman to carry, or you could create a shield spell to protect her. I doubt these are needed, but if it will make you feel better then go right ahead and do them, But if you do, you are feeding into her game and she will likely come up with something new the next time she feels your attention isn't centered on her.

Oh, and please remember not to type in capital letters. It's against site rules.

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Re: Friend being followed?
Post # 3
@ Lark
(So sorry I typed in capitals. I don't know how to make letters bolded)
She could be making it up. You have a strong point since everything I suggested to her did have a "no" result. Unfortunately I can't bring myself to tell her to stop making false claims/stories.. I did ask her if she was lying and that I wouldn't get mad if she told the truth and she said that what she saw during the night could've been fake but everything else is true. I'm going to tell her to carry a protection charm or cast a shielding spell and that she should move on and forget what happened.
That's the best I can do for her..
Thanks for your input on the subject, it did actually open my eyes a bit more (in the fact that it most likely is a game).
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Re: Friend being followed?
Post # 4
I believe she may really be being targeted as i Have had and continue to similar experience. ... she is most likely feeling very alone and needs any type of support she can get if she is your true friend.
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