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Post # 1
Are moderators being payed for their job as a Moderator? I'm seriously, no one will be into it and with spending time for someone else for free.. & the Admin will be freely enjoying money brought by the site..

Re: ??_Moderators_??
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

No moderators are not payed for watching the site, it's a volunteer, the administrator makes money to keep the site open and keep the traffic coming into the site. This site has many features and many members that sign up each day, it does cost money.

Re: ??_Moderators_??
Post # 3

They don't get paid, and it cost money to keep this site open. (From my heavily limited knowledge, so don't quote me on it). I fail to see how someone would not be into 'spending their time for others without getting paid' because there are soup kitchens and volunteer work all over the world.

Re: ??_Moderators_??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
It's voluntary. We do not get paid.

Re: ??_Moderators_??
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

None of us Moderators get paid for doing what we do on this site. We are all volunteers.

Your statement that no one would do anything to help others unless they are being paid is rather sad and also insulting to the many good people in this world who do just that.

Re: ??_Moderators_??
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

Yeah Lark, I agree, it is quite insulting to me as well, I do volunteer service because I like helping people, I like helping out the community, it's called being a decent human being.

Re: ??_Moderators_??
By: / Novice
Post # 7
It's not money that talks here. It's a free site for members to enjoy learning and sharing, and to look at all the info here. There are good people who work this site, willing to give their time to help others. And I, for one, thank them, and am thankful I can help others, too.

Re: ??_Moderators_??
Post # 8
@Lark I'm really sorry for my words, I apologize for if you felt it wrong & insulting.

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