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Hair Growing Spells - Bal
Post # 1
Bald spots on the head

Hi, there are so many spells for hair growth can they also be used for these bare patches on the head?
Which spell can you say be the best for this problem or must try they all?
When i use the spell, i will do what there stand, but must i note something when I say a spell? The written spells on this side do not work ever for me so my experience so I do not always know if it's up to me, perhaps my voice emphasis or whether some really are not working. I am a beginner, I would be very grateful here also get a hint Council from you.
If my english is not perfect, excuse it please.
Thank you with best regards
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Re: Hair Growing Spells - Bal
By: / Novice
Post # 2

No spell can help you grow back hair, Goldi. I'd recommend going to a specialist for your problem rather than seeking magickal methods, as these will be in vain. You cannot change or induce physical change on your body with Magick.

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Re: Hair Growing Spells - Bal
Post # 3
Hello, by a specialist i was, they want that i take chemie in me and no more can get childs,.... they be also with many uninvited side effects which for health are not good.
And I think it must give natural ways 1800 or earlier there was too no chemistry. And by over 1300 body and hair spells on this side have i thougt Must Be there anything that works and can help. And i can not thougt that they all be without sucess.
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Re: Hair Growing Spells - Bal
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Transformation spells are fake. Eating right and caring for your hair (no dying, no bleaching, etc.) is the best. Some people will never grow hair to the ground, as they simply don't need it. I read an article about this, and it's true. I haven't cut my hair in many years, but it stays the same length. Genetics can play a part, too. Keeping your hair healthy seems the only thing to do. Taking supplements will help. Not washing it everyday helps, as you are washing away the protective oils. Stimulating the scalp with fingers, an a once a week warm oil treatment will help. But using magick to replace the mundane? No.
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