Spirit that impels change

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Spirit that impels change

Spirit that impels change
Post # 1
Is there is a spirit that impels change? I read that those that resist change attract negativity. Is there any being that urges us to change or is it simply nature?
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Re: Spirit that impels change
By: / Novice
Post # 2
its human nature and our own inner drive. when we resist change we stagnate and do unknown harm. there is nothing wrong with loving where you are at this moment [living in the moment is a good thing] but if you choose not to study beyond 'the basics' or go for that promotion, or work to achieve a better grade, then you become lazy and your personal growth screeches to a halt. you need to push yourself for more. you attract negativity meaning you subconsciously aren't happy.

humans strive for improvement, if you're top of your class, in your dream home, and your dream career, good for you, most of us aren't, and even if we were, theres always room for improvement. have you ever felt like you were in a rut, were in a 'blah' mood for an unknown reason, or just felt like you were in autopilot? thats what people mean by it attracts negativity, your mind, body and soul is unsatisfied. try making a list of goals, things you wish to accomplish, could be travelling to see some far off wonder, or simply visiting a new store in your town. learning a new skill, read/watch something you've been putting off. do something out of the routine, to quote Alice in Wonderland 'Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.' and remember, as you get older, don't forget to have fun. its another way people fall into a 'blah', autopilot state which inevitably brings negativity.
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