Light Elves

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Light Elves
Post # 1
Can anyone tell me anything about Light Elves and/or working with them? I can't find much via my old friend Google... Lol.

(This is a reposting. I couldn't stand the title being whacky on the last one and it looked like some kind of spam you'd get a virus from. Lol)
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Re: Light Elves
Post # 2
Just in case anyone else was also wondering about this, I found some info (thanks to a website Personified posted):

If you go back in the website, you can find info about each world in Ygdrassil. :)
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Re: Light Elves
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I don't personally know much about the alfar in general, as I don't really work very closely (if at all) with them. Most of what I know is very limited, and I've relied on what I've read from Raven/people's UPG about them. Eissy/Alfadottir is a good member to contact on here if you haven't already, however, as she studies and knows quite a bit about the alfar.

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Re: Light Elves
Post # 4
They exist mainly as a contrast to the Dark Elves, being that they have different appearance, locale, and nature. Light Elves do not play a significant role in most of Norse mythology as far as I'm aware. They are found in the Prose Edda as a primary reference point for their appearance in the mythology. Scholars of the subject sometimes argue that they represent a Christianization of Norse beliefs and are comparable to angels, whereas the dark elves are thus compared to Demons. However, this is just a speculation due to the limited source material. I'm not an expert on the subject, but from what I understand; The Light Elves exist primarily within Alfheim as the sole residents before Ragnorak. There is also speculation that the Light Elves will act as protectors of the dead souls after the time of Ragnorak, this speculation is formed on the basis that during the 17th chapter of the Prose Edda there is a conversation in the hall Gimle which explains that there is yet another heaven above known as Vidblain in which Alfheim likely resides and that the fires of Surtr will likely not reach there. I suggest your read the source material, as there are only two direct references to Light Elves.
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