dreams meaning?

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dreams meaning?
Post # 1

So i had a wierd dream,

i dreamt i was alseep in my bedroom as i was in reality, the out of no where i woke up in the dream and it was like a saw myself from up above.

When i woke up in the dream my cousin layd on the bed next to mine, i looked at her and ask why she was her in the middle of the night?
Mu "cousin" told me as i sat up in the bed that she just wanted to vist me.
I looked at her again and asked - in the middle of the night? i have to work in the morning.

I new it was someting strange about my cousin, then out of nowhere i really starred at her then told my " cousin" - I know who you are and what you are.
She chaenged to what it really was, the darkest thing i've EVER SEEN, it started laughing at me and told med - well what are you gonna do about it? you cant do anything and just continued laughing at me.
I couldent take my eyes of it whatevere it eas, and i will NEVER forget those eyes, scary shit!

Can someone please help me, what does this mean?!

- Bella.
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Re: dreams meaning?
Post # 2
This sounds like a disguise. Something that you're not willing to face, or are afraid to. Fear of confronting a situation and/or person. The thing with dreams is that, sometimes they are just dreams. Your head can manifest all sorts of things. The other thing is that, no one knows your mind like you do. So no one can give you a spot on description of the dream, because we don't know your mind. They can be messages from your subconscious that only you can decipher.
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Re: dreams meaning?
Post # 3
Thank you very much for awnsering.

Yes i understand that, but thank you! :)

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Re: dreams meaning?
Post # 4

Most welcome. :)

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Re: dreams meaning?
Post # 5

This could possibly be a message from your subconcious about your cousin or someone you feel close to. It could mean that that you have problems you need to face or will have no choice but to face in the upcoming future with someone close to you. You may be in a position the doesn't give ou the power to do much but just sit and experience the problem until it passes.

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