Psi-Ball Help?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Psi-Ball Help?

Psi-Ball Help?
Post # 1
Hello. I need some assistance in letting a psi-ball go once it's been programed and crafting psi-objects (psi-swords, psi-shields, psi-tendrils, ect..)
I know how to make the psi-ball and I believe that I can program it correctly but I'm wondering how to release it or let it do what it's been told. Whenever I've gotten to this final stage I just flip my hands (palms upward) and let the energy roam. Is that what you should do?
I have seen posts on here where you can make psi-objects. I'm really curious about it and I want to try it out! I honestly have no clue where to begin or how to keep the object once you create it (or like.. summon it I guess).
Oh I have one last question. When I make the psi-ball I don't have to think about an energy source to get energy. I close my eyes and just wait for the energy (I don't even have to think its just.. there!) and it just forms. Is this using your own energy or am I just.. somehow attracting energy from the enviornment around myself?
Thank you so much if you can help me with my questions!
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Re: Psi-Ball Help?
Post # 2
If you want to summon it you need to learn to sustain it so once your finished just move your hands away from and just visualize it still there and working its magic.
If you want to summon it you've just got to just think of the psi bal you want to summon you should create one for the purposes of summoning until you feel your goodenough to start summoning your pother ones the reason i say this is if you try summoning your best one for example you might taint the programing of the ball
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Re: Psi-Ball Help?
Post # 3
For ball or cylinder shaped ones, trick to keeping them stable once you launch/throw them is in rotation(the faster you spin the energy more stable it is and it can last longer once thrown), although they tend to be hard to form due to temporary instability during the process of forming it.
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Re: Psi-Ball Help?
Post # 4
Oh. Alright. I need to learn to sense(?) the energy when it's not in my hands.
Then learn to program the psi-ball into being summonable. Thank you!

Thank you for the tip! I don't know how to throw the psi-ball either (isn't it all about visualizing the direction you want it to go and then the energy moves?
I'm not quite sure but thats my theory (probably a stupid one) based on experience. Experience story if interested: I was casually sitting on my bed making a psi-ball and I wanted to knock over a piece of paper that I had set up for this. I programmed the ball with this thought "knock over the paper" mutiple times, while staring at the paper. Suddenly when I was done chanting, all of the energy just left my hands. But the paper remained untouched.)
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