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Dress code
Post # 1
I joined a coven, and we're gonna get together for the summer solstace. This is my first time doing it with them and i was not told what to wear when we discussed it. If they didnt tell me, does that mean i can dress casual? Or is there something every coven says you wear and they expect me to know that? I dont own any robe i can use, just a purple bath robe.
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Re: Dress code
Post # 2
You're probably better off asking the coven. There are so many options it would be difficult for someone not in that coven to answer.
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Re: Dress code
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Really, I would suggest contacting either the Priest/ess or maybe the Council members. Every coven is different in aspects of leadership. Like for example, one coven's leaders could have dress code like;

  • Priest/ess; wears robes with a type of sash.
  • Council; wears jub robes.
  • Members; just dress formal.

While other covens could have a freely written form. Like there are some "groups" out there that still prays naked around the fires deep in the woods, so that they will not be interferred with by outside people, or be arrested for nudity. What I am saying is, just ask them.

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Re: Dress code
Post # 4
You should definitely ask them. If they require robes but you don't have one, buy some clothes in a neutral colour like white or black, made from a natural cloth such as cotton. If they say you can wear whatever, again, wear what you're comfortable in, but I suggest wearing something clean, special, and again, a natural, not synthetic, fiber.

Not everyone follows this belief, many feel wearing special clothes, like robes, only in circle brings with it an air of magic. I've been to many different circles, the ones where people show up in jeans and a t-shirt they wore all day tend to have a more relaxed feel. Nothing wrong with that if it's something like Yule where the whole event is treated like a party with a circle at some point. If you're having a formal meeting mind you, you might want to set the mood. You don't need robes, but you might want to look into clothes to only be worn in circle.
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