Vassago summonig.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Vassago summonig.

Vassago summonig.
Post # 1
For my first summoning, I think Vassago is a really good spirit and one of the frendliest one! And probably I musn't summon Paimon for the first time of summoning.

He is very friendly (Vassago) andthe frendliest maybe to humans demon. Anyway, I am looking for a simple way to summon him, could you please tell me one?
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Re: Vassago summonig.
Post # 2
If you are working with the goetia, it is bet to stick with the sysytem as laid out until you know what you are doing, can identify the specifics and create your own system.

The best rendition of the goetia out there is Stephen Skinners "The Goetia of Dr Rudd" coming in at a close second is Poke Runyon's book of Solomon's magic.

I must also state if you o not have the basics of magic, and I am talking ritual magic, down you will get either no result, or pityful results. The other danger is calling up something you simply can't get rid of.

You need to be able to go into trance, to be able to receive visions via scrying. Be comfortable with banishing and invocation, not merely evocation.

You need a circle which is inscribed divine names important to you, or used from the goetia which you understand. You need a triangle in which the spirit can manifest. The circle should be 9ft in diameter, the triangle 3ft each side.

In the triangle should be a scrying medium, prefarably a black mirror flanked by two candles and incense going over the face. But incense will be sufficient, incense produced by herbs (sacred to the spirit) and burnt on charcoal would be sufficient.

There are many things you need. Another thing people never seem to realise is that you need to be invoking the help of the shem angel corresponding to the spirit. People who do not realise that are using the Mathers/Crowley translation of the goetia which is outdated and incorrect.

In short, you need to research, you need to read. You need to make sure you know what you are doing. It is my opinion that you do not- and so you are not ready for evocation. It is fair enough if you wish to ask specific questions, but to ask for a whole technique shows you have not done enough research. This type of magic isn't for beginners, people need to learn to walk before they can run.
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Re: Vassago summonig.
Post # 3
First off, I'm happy to know that there are people interested in Solomon Magic. Secondly, there is no EAST way, whatsoever, to summon a goetia spirit like Vassago or Paimon.
You need to know the magic circles of solomon.

Second, you need to know what the rank is of Vassago (i.e. his office) and then the time of day required for that office to be invoked.

Thirdly, you must bring an offering or sacrifice for the specific diety as well as have his symbol drawn and an enchanted ring.

Fourthly, you must have your body without impurities for up to 4 days.

And I believe lastly, you must recite almost an essay long incantation, and another almost essay long incantation afterwards.

If you want to message me, I can give you links for information you need to know.

These are just some basic things, but ritual magic, especially involving beings like that, is something that could take months if not years and years of studying and work. It's not something you just pick up and do.

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Re: Vassago summonig.
Post # 4
what i've searched until now is that goetia spirit realm are nearer to our world which makes it easier to summon them and also they are willing to help humans which is their very basic nature but it's hard to describe in little words since it'll take quite a lot of explaining . Whereas for their nature it could be known from their ranks for eg.demon ranked as an earl is always very blunt in his works(like bloodshed),it is ranked as footman that's lowest of all and whereas duke and prince ranked ones are kind and understanding and can know what your heart wants.
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Re: Vassago summonig.
Post # 5
It is not in their basic nature to help humans, at least not across the board. That contradicts the system as it was created an is used.

You are correct about them being closer to us, in the scheme of things, they are classed as being below us, or at least ina lower portion of the sphere we reside. As such it gives the magician 'divine authority' to evoke them if the magician performs certain invocations beforehand.
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Re: Vassago summonig.
Post # 6
You sue are correct in what you think and in not any way i'm offending you but things that i said above is NOT something i made up it is something that i found after quite a lot of research basically the thing you are saying about the magician divine authority is sure the truth that humans are superior and were more superior than the angels it self because of our FREE WILL choice ability.Adam and eve were in their astral form till the time they transgressed that made the soul to trap in a temple made of flesh which led the weakness and were becoming knowledgeable and more weaker in strength.We know the obvious the flesh cannot stand against fire right but it wasn't like this before.Some things were removed and many rejected from bible but read the lost book of bible-the rejected texts then you'll understand and the behind being rejected as well.

Also you didn't agree to there realm to be closer right?and about them to have their basic nature of willing to help us but i didn't mention that it'll be in our very own favour.These demons have their very own purposes and goals and their purpose of being created under specific hours and of course the astrological nature, and the most important the basic the soul materials in their creation proves that they are attracted towards humans maybe because of their power and have many choices according to their will though the reason is something really ridiculous which no one can understand like bonds. These aren't attracted because of appearences but the will power of a person is enough to attract them though you too need to prove it.

These are the things that i know by heart from quite a young age because of my interestsand so lost of research from different sources. I'm not really good at explaining things and people misunderstand.I tried my best here to explain. Though it's quite hard to believe the truth if something is totally opposite of what you believed.
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