Beginners Kit?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Beginners Kit?

Beginners Kit?
Post # 1
So Ive Been Told its Better to cast My Own Spells, rather than paying someone.
So Im wondering what would be the essentials for spell casting?
Ex-Altar, Herbs, Etc
Then What would be a good spell to start with? I Hoping for something close to a good luck Charm spell.
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Re: Beginners Kit?
Post # 2
I can't stress enough how important it is not to pay for spells, readings or magic to be done by anyone other than yourself. Nine times out of then things like that are a scam to try to get money out of you, you are on the right track in thinking that writing your own spells work best, because they do! May I direct you to a post on the site about how to write spells successfully:
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Re: Beginners Kit?
Post # 3
I would further like to direct you to one of my own posts about how to make spells work better for you, I good luck and I hope you find the results you are looking for:
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Re: Beginners Kit?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
JustWilliam is spot on in his advice.

Learn well how magic works, and do gain knowledge about spells and why somethings are better that others. Make a personal committment to trying to understand your own path using magic.

Then whatever spell youre doing will work...its not like saying a certain combo of words and burning some herbs and candles in the prescribed way makes "it" happen.

YOU make it happen

Good luck!

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Re: Beginners Kit?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
You should also know that it is not mandatory to have a whole bunch of fancy pretty tools. When it comes to the tools you use, it's more about your intent, what it means to you, and how you plan to use it than it is about the price or fancy design that's on it.
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