Hello! Here to learn!

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Hello! Here to learn!
Post # 1
Hello everyone! I came across this website today for the first time after spending the past few days digging around and learning the curiosities of magick. It's such a fantastic thing that exists for those willing to learn! And so here I am!

I've been fascinated with fire and its beauty since the age of 9. It's beautiful to me in that it's capable of such beautiful creation, yet is fully capable of destroying what once was. As a child, I tried to conjure up fire on my own. I was a kid who believed I could do it if I just tried! I focused on directing blood and emotion to my right hand hoping to see something. After days of trying, all I ever got was a temperature change and I was disheartened: "Haha.. Of course magic isn't real... I'm so silly for trying that..."

Now, I am back as an adult. I dismissed magick as a child, but I could never fully dismiss the feeling I got while trying to conjure a flame...the energy felt too real. Like something really was there.

I hope you all are welcoming to me! As you've seen, I have a heart for fire. I'm not looking to conjure flame soon, as me being an adult now I realize the potential danger I could have put myself in if I succeeded back then. I humbly ask a direction in which I should start. I wish to learn how to control the energies around us and eventually bond with fire. Nothing quite brings me peace like the flickering of a flame :)
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Re: Hello! Here to learn!
Post # 2
Greetings fellow Pagan/Wiccan!
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Re: Hello! Here to learn!
Post # 3
Thank you!
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Re: Hello! Here to learn!
Post # 4
I get what you mean about fire. I love fire. When I was a small kid and they wouldn't let me I would ask my grandma to light me a candle and I would AIT for like an hour just watching the candle flame flicker and change and the smell of the smoke and the energy of it and the glow. It was mesmirising to me. It still calm me to sit and just gaze at a flame. I use chemicals from my schools lab which I smuggle home after classes we used them in to change fires colour. My favourite s green fire from copper sulphate. Its gorgeous. Naturally though my favourite part of a fire is that yellow part between the red and blue. And just want to say this. More like ask if its the same for you or not. For as muchiI I like fire I don't get the awe from a stove. Like a gas stoves flame just seems boring to me. Is it same for you?
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Re: Hello! Here to learn!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Making fire in your hands is not possible. But you've come to the right place to learn what you CAN do with it. If you're just beginning, I recommend going to forums. In the General Info section, read Starting Out and Basics Expanded. It should help in your studies about magick.
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