intense deja vu/psychic?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> intense deja vu/psychic?

intense deja vu/psychic?
Post # 1
I'm probably going to sound crazy. You know deja vu? Well that's the only way I can describe this. I'll be doing whatever, and all of a sudden I get the deja vu feeling, except, I have never lived a moment like that yet I know EXACTLY what's going to happen. But I don't know its going to happen until it does. That's why people think I'm lying. Think of it like, you have dreams at night of what's going to happen exactly but then you forget them and the thing happens and you can't say "ok now the chair will fall over" because I know every singular detail as it happens, not before. I'm sorry this is so long but I'm just trying to figure out what this could mean. Think I have psychic abilities of some sort? Thank you for reading and replying if you do
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Re: intense deja vu/psychic?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: intense deja vu/psychic?
Post # 3
Yes!! I know exactly how you feel this use to happen to a lot especially in my teen year's. Let me give some advice Don't freak out about it to much it happens to a lot of more people than they like to admit. You're not going insane or anything we are just developing in many ways. I recommend meditation and try to learn to work with this and even try to developed it even further not many can. Our brain gathers so many info every day it's not that impossible for us to predict what will happen at certain times. "For what once was shall be again" This happened to me so much at one point in happened for a straight 2 weeks at the time i was alone and yes, no believed me. But many people on this site later when i joined my coven Helped me through this. I thought i was crazy that i was predicting the future because it was a way of something who ever you may believe to be telling i might die soon so i'm looking into the future to avoid it but trust me. It's just you developing and don't let anyone say you crazy. They are either to embarrassed to admit this happened to them to or they are mad that they lost the gift or even some never happened. hope i helped a bit. Blessed be. Go in peace and live.
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